Canada's Largest Undergraduate Technology Conference

CUTC is Canada's largest and longest running undergraduate technology conference. Over 14 years, we've reached 4000 students, worked with 150 industry leaders and helped hundreds of students find jobs.

MAY 4th / University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, BC


Keynote Speakers

Zach Holman


Zach works at GitHub. When he's not doing that, he's blogging, hacking on open source, and giving talks about building products, growing startups, and using Ruby. He lives in San Francisco.

If you have any questions or feedback, check out the issues on holman/feedback on GitHub. It's sort of like an "Ask Me Anything" setup, except it uses a nerdy social network and crams it into a bug tracker.

Jaymie Matthews

Astroseismology / Astrophysics

Jaymie Matthews is an asteroseismologist; that is, he specializes in the study of the vibrations (pulsations) that shake stars. In 1997, the Canadian Space Agency agreed to send a small telescope dedicated to asteroseismological studies into space. The space telescope is known as MOST (Microvariability and Oscillation of Stars) and Matthews was named Principal Investigator and Mission Scientist. In 2003, after six years of preparation, the MOST satellite was launched.

Since 2004, the discoveries made by Matthews and the MOST satellite regularly make the headlines in the media around the world. In addition to his research activities, Matthews is constantly involved in all sorts of activities related to popularizing science: newspaper interviews, radio and television appearances, public conferences, telescope tours, supervising students in high school, evening courses, summer camps, work sponsorships, etc. Particularly popular with young people, he received awards for excellence in teaching in 1999 and 2002.

Breakout Sessions

Baraa Safaa Ali

Augmented Reality

Baraa Safaa Ali, entrepreneur, international speaker, animator and professional musician. Born, raised in Iraq, and moved to Canada five years ago. He is one of the Co-Founders of KapishMedia, located in Vancouver offering creative solutions for business to help re-tell their story through the use of creative and interactive videos. In other words, helping customers GET what business does (kapish!). After seeing what the capabilities of AR, the partners founded Engine6, company in Vancouver offering customized AR solutions to the Canadian market. Engine6 brings, Creativity, Interactivity, Technology, Branding, Innovation and Experience. He works closely with companies in the Middle East, and Vancouver.

He brings a unique perspective on AR and technology. He looks at it from a technology point of view, Creative point of view and Security point of view. They specialize in Magazine and Newspapers and make them become more effective through the introduction on AR. Their focus is to help as many newspapers and magazine in North America as possible by designing customized AR solutions that fit their needs and their readership needs.

Roger Patterson

Startup – Entrepreneurship

Roger Patterson, co-founder of Launch Academy, is a serial entrepreneur now on his third successful startup. His experience ranges from mobile streaming networks to competitive pricing models and data-mining for some of the world’s largest Web retailers. Roger is now the founder of Flock & Swarm Mobility, and the MITACS Entrepreneurship instructor for Post-Grads at universities across Canada.

In a nutshell Launch Academy is a high energy reaction chamber where a startup’s evolution is ignited and accelerated. We believe in YOU! As well as the change that is driven by startups and the people behind them. Our vision: to become a major force in bringing Vancouver to the top 10 startup cities in the World according to the Startup Genome List. We are all about accountability, learning, failing fast, audacity, progress and community.

Fusion Pipe


FusionPipe Software Solutions, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is an enterprise mobility solutions company that specializes in Cloud computing technologies for the smartphone and tablet computer environment. We are passionate about the use of Cloud technologies and server virtualization as we believe in the benefits that companies can receive by avoiding large capital expenditures in infrastructure. We focus on leveraging these Cloud based technologies to empower our clients to access their corporate information and knowledge base outside of the physical office space.

As we are in the start-up stage, we rely on recruiting only the most talented team members through industry and academia and we pride ourselves on maintaining a fun work environment that keeps our staff motivated and energized.

Tommy Lee Lewis

HTML 5 & Windows 8 Development

Tommy Lee Lewis is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft who at 8 years old thought that there was a frog apocalypse happening in his yard. It just turned out that the rain made all the frogs come out and hop around. He has been at Microsoft for over 12 years and has evangelized everything from Visual Basic 6 to HTML5 to Design for web developers and designers world-wide. He even once ate a “century egg” while in China. When not talking about the brutality of HTML5, Design and Windows 8, he enjoys his family, wine, death metal and all things 80’s. He is also bent on eradicating IE6 from the planet and will never stop, never.

Pooya Kazerouni

Entrepreneurship / Mobile

Pooya Kazerouni is a serial technology entrepreneur who’s obsessed with solving problems using inventive technology. He launched his first startup in Iran at age 18, a teenager driven by his family's entrepreneurial spirit but also by his own vision of business. Pooya started several companies and faced many failures, from which he learned a lot and created success. He has been a broke entrepreneur, a millionaire investor and everything in between. Pooya loves to build and help build companies. He’s fascinated by new technologies and cloud/mobile innovation.

Because of North America unique environment for starting world class companies with universal impact, he decided to leave his home country and move to Canada. In Vancouver, Kazerouni founded Linquet and with his team, have been building incredible technologies to pioneer the greatest industry of the future; “Internet Of Things”. He started Linquet with one mission in mind: "Linking Everything". They want to connect/link the real world to the virtual world to make the world more secure, more fun and much much better.

Wilkins Chung

Social Gaming & Entrepreneurship

Wilkins Chung was previously a software development manager and software engineer at Amazon where he focused on scalability solutions before leaving the company to start A Thinking Ape in the Bay Area. Wilkins graduated from University of Waterloo in computer engineering



Infect Hackathon

This is one hackathon you can't afford to miss. The CUTC Hackathon will be one of the craziest nights of your year, as you build something awesome, get feedback from some of the top people in the industry, and end up with serious prize money. If coding's not your thing, you can always set up a late-night LAN party instead - snacks are on us!

CUTC Hackathon is going to be hosted at CUTC Infect, Canada's largest and longest-running technology conference. This means you can combine two events into one and add a couple days of learning about and playing with the coolest tech to your night-long hackathon. You'd best rest up beforehand - it's going to be a crazy weekend.


We're going to start hacking together, and we're going to stop hacking together. Here is what the overall schedule should look like (we'll send you the specifics closer to the big day):

5:30 PM, May 4 - Start Hacking
9:30 PM, May 4 - Advisor Check-In
9:30 AM, May 5 - Breakfast, Hack Pitches & Prizes!


The rules for the hackathon are designed to allow everyone an equal opportunity for success. These rules are typical for most hackathons around the world, but if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to ping us for clarification.

1. Start Together
You're allowed to form teams, develop ideas, and work on your designs, wireframes, etc. before hand. But, you can't write code beforehand. We all start coding together.

2. Hack
Use any frameworks, tools, tricks or workarounds to help you build quickly. Use any language or service you want. If you need any hardware, you bring it. Plan ahead of time and ask us for help if you need help with your hardware. There will be category specific prizes, so try to use as many as possible to qualify for as many prizes as possible.

3. Stay Agile
You're allowed to form teams or work individually. If you're working in a team, keep the team sizes within 4 people.

4. You build it, you own it
You have the ownership of everything you build at the CUTC Hackathon.

5. Deadlines
Follow the deadlines and submit the hacks on time. More information regarding specific times will be available soon.

6. Have fun!
Dinner, snacks and energy drinks are on us. All you need to do is bring your hacking gear and show off your coding chops. We'll have some games and LAN parties if you'd like to take a small break.


We're still working on confirming prizes, so stay tuned for updates regarding more prizes. Here's what we have confirmed so far:

1. Compete Internationally
Facebook will be flying the winning team(s) to California for a chance to compete against winners from hackathons all over the world. All expenses paid. You don't need to use any specific technologies to qualify, just build something really awesome.

2. $1000 Cash Prize
CUTC is going to give away one prize of $1000 to the best hack at the CUTC Hackathon. You don't need to use any specific technologies to qualify, just build something really awesome.

3. Microsoft Surface
Publish a Windows 8 app at the hackathon or within the 30 days after the hackathon to qualify for a draw to win a Microsoft Surface.

4. iPad Mini
Big Viking Games will be awarding an iPad Mini to the best HTML 5 hack at the CUTC Hackathon.

There are more prizes coming pretty soon, so stay tuned for further prize reveals.


InnovationLab – Transforming the way we think and collaborate.

At InnovationLab, you will learn about the various approaches to ideation and problem solving that Deloitte practitioners use to keep the collaborative process moving forward and ensure ideas can be transformed into actions.

You will be put into groups and challenged to develop a solution for one of the following themes*:

Retail industry – Big box stores vs. online stores
Social media in the public sector
Cloud technologies in the public sector

During this two-hour session, you will experience how innovative thinking can enhance collaboration and have the opportunity to apply the skillsets and techniques you just learned. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to present your solution to the extended group, obtain feedback on your analysis and a chance to receive some great prizes!

You’ll learn that innovation only happens with the right ingredients.

Don’t forget to meet the Deloitte team at the Career/Tech Expo.

* All CUTC delegates will receive an email from CUTC organizers with full details on how to register for InnovationLab


Saturday, May 4

08:00AM Registration
09:30AM Opening Ceremony
09:50AM Keynote
10:30AM Networking Session
11:00AM Breakouts
12:00PM Break
12:10PM Breakouts
01:10AM Tech Expo/Lunch
02:30PM Sponsored Event
04:30PM Networking Session
05:00PM Keynote
05:40PM Hackathon


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About Us

The Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference is the bridge between generations of technology creators and leaders. CUTC continues to expose thousands of people to the fundamental innovations and problems in the technology industry, and gives them the opportunity to learn from the pioneers at the forefront of it all. Our alumni come out of CUTC with the inspiration, tenacity, and knowledge that guide them for years to come. As the organization grows, CUTC continues to evolve beyond just a conference, into a platform to connect talent and the tech industry in a richer and more rewarding way.

As CUTC's conference, Infect brings together incredible technology organizations, top-notch speakers, and droves of determined, curious individuals. Unlike other professional events, Infect focuses on satiating this curiosity without drowning delegates in unnecessary formality. Every piece of the conference challenges delegates to stop talking and start doing. With our partners, we create large-scale events that ask delegates to tackle hard technology problems head-on. Our breakout sessions are intimate, focussed discussions between industry leaders and inquisitive students. And finally, the Tech Expo is a chance for all to go hands-on with tomorrow's game-changing technology.

We build these events because we believe they fundamentally change how our delegates think about technology. We know from experience that when you put the brightest individuals and the most innovative companies in the same place, something special happens. It's hard to put your finger on it, but everyone who has participated knows the experience is worthy of its title: Infect.


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