Iman Abudagga

Data and Artificial Intelligence Product Lead at Microsoft

Iman is currently the Data and Artificial Intelligence product lead at Microsoft Canada. She is an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast; passionate towards leveraging technology and making a positive impact for today’s society and generations to come.

Throughout the years, Iman has led several large-scale business programs aimed at building relationships and driving business with individuals and organizations in the world of Cloud, Data, and now Artificial Intelligence. Much of her success can be attributed to her understanding of Microsoft’s business solutions, unique value proposition, and her ‘customer-first’ mindset. Iman has many years of International experience in the ‘Cloud and Hosting’ business and has been recognized as a Cloud expert in the Gulf region.

As a lifelong and avid learner, Iman has completed her Masters in International Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering with a major in Software Development.